EPDM (Rubber)

Roll Roofing

We put our trust in the leading manufacturers of building products to provide us with the best products possible to combine with our high quality workmanship to earn our customers trust for years to come and give them peace of mind! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Architectural Shingles

  • Lifetime Designer Shingles

  • 3- Tab Shingles

  • Non-Reinforced Black EPDM .045

  • Non-Reinforced Black EPDM .060

  • Reinforced Black EPDM .045 & .060

  • White-on-Black Non-Reinforced EPDM .060

  • Self Adhering Mod Bit

  • Self Self -Adhering Base Sheet

  • Nail Base

  • Self -Adhering SBS Cap Sheet

  • Self- Adhering APP Cap Sheet

We can address all your roofing needs such as but not limited to:

  • All Roof Flashings (Step Flashing, Wall Flashing, Valley Flashing, Chimney Flashing, Chimney Crickets etc.)
  • All Roof Penetrations (Pipe Collars, Skylights, Vents etc.)
  • Ventilation (Ridge Vents, Powered Roof Vents etc,  Soffit vents etc.)  
  • Wood Installation/ Replacement: (Roof Decking, Rafters, Fascia Boards etc. )

We also offer other services to our customers such as siding, gutters and windows. Visit the Other Services Page